User experience (UX)      &
Information architecture (IA) :
Keep your users hooked with amazing experiences and interfaces

Engaging UX.

Intuitive IA.

Satisfied repeat visitors.

Some websites and apps seem to have a knack for satisfying their users and ensuring repeat visits.

While others get abandoned quickly, after one short visit.

The reason for either outcome usually depends on how well those websites or apps implement UX and IA principles.

What kind of website or app would you rather have? Learn about UX and IA design.

What is user experience (UX) design?

If you've ever used a website or app that from the very start seemed incredibly easy to figure out and use without having to give it much thought, then that’s good UX at work.

User experience design for software programs, apps and websites is a discipline and process that is all about creating intuitive, easy to use and pleasant experiences for the people who will use those products.

Why is UX important?

Good UX is important because if a software product is not well designed with sound user experience principles, the intended audience for such products will likely not use them and the products will fail.

In the context of websites and apps, if your visitors can't use your website or app, they will quickly go to a competitor's that was better designed.

Careful thought must go into designing the user experience of any software program before it is built.

A related part of good UX is good information architecture (IA) design.

What exactly is it?

What is information architecture (IA) design?

Information architecture design is the process of carefully considering and designing the structure, presentation, labelling, navigation and flow of information in your website or app, so that it's easy for your users to discover and consume your content.

Why is IA important?

Just as with good UX design, if your users cannot easily find your content or if they can't understand how it's structured or labeled and how to get from one point to the next to find the information they are looking for, they will not stay long on your website or app.

Great information architecture design is important to ensure that the content you have so carefully created is easy for your users to find, consume and enjoy.

What are the benefits of good UX and IA

Some benefits of good UX and IA are:

  • The visitors to your website will easily find the products and services you offer.
  • The users of your apps will learn how to use them quickly.
  • They will be able to accomplish all the tasks you want them to carry out on your site or app with ease.
  • It will lead to increased conversions and sales.
  • These customers will often come back to do more business with you, when you make it easy for them to do so.
  • Your users and visitors will get what they need and enjoy the experience you provide.
  • In return, they will pay back the value that you provide for them in the form of increased revenues. It's a win-win!

How can I get great UX and IA for my website or app design project?

Work with us on your project!

Solid UX and IA principles inform everything we do at Uvietech when we work with you to design a website or mobile app.

It’s a natural and integrated part of our design process.

We make sure that all bases are covered when we build your website or app.

What will Uvietech do for me?

Here's some of what we'll do for you:

  • Thorough system analysis and design to understand what your business process is and how your system works.
  • Create accurate user personas and models to understand your target users.
  • Define realistic use case scenarios and actions to identify the ways your system will be used.
  • Build clear and efficient information flow maps and system navigation.
  • Design easy to use and engaging interfaces.
  • Build high fidelity storyboards, wireframes and prototypes to guide development.
  • Deliver great UX and IA for your project.

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